Join us for the 8th year of
The Grickle Grass Festival

We have an exciting, fun-filled roster of daytime activities for children and families at the Children's Museum!  

See the full line-up for Grickle Grass at Night.

Poster artwork by Sherry Garcia of Kisses for Pennies.

The Grickle Grass Festival by LondonFuse


Grickle Talks 2017: Dr. Seuss Named My Music Festival
By: Dave Knill

The Grickle Grass Festival takes its name from the 1971 Dr Seuss book The Lorax. The story is a cautionary children’s tale about society losing its connection to nature. All for the purpose of chopping down the very last Truffula tree in order to produce Thneeds, a very versatile garment. Now – the Truffula trees, as everyone knows, used to stand down “where the Grickle Grass grows…” Read more.


Grickle Talks 2017: Versa
By: Angela McInnes


Based in Toronto, VERSA entices the eyes and ears of its audience by intertwining the works of process-based artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci to create an otherworldly audio/visual experience. Read more.


Grickle Talks 2017: Yessica Woahneil
By: Hashini Oshadi

I have only recently been exposed to the local talent here in London, ON and Yessica Woahneil has quickly become one of my favorite local artists. Her debut album Cheekbone is atmospheric, with her very own twist. Read more.


Grickle Talks 2017: Roozbeh Showleh
By: Amanda Fogaca

Roozbeh Showleh is a well-known figure in the London, ON music scene. If you’re a vinyl lover, chances are you have been to his store Runout Records at 122 Dundas Street. If you haven’t and are curious, we got you covered: Fuse Contributor Ioulia Krisak talked to Roozbeh about his store and his love for music earlier this year. Read more.


Grickle Talks 2017: Richard Laviolette
By: Loulia Krisak

Richard Laviolette will hit the stage on May 27 at the Grickle Grass Festival along with many other incredible artists. His “country twang” and “music for reminiscing” stand out against the pop/rock/weird of the rest of the festival. So, get excited… Grickle approaches! Read more.