Grickle Grass // Nighttime 

Why should kids have all the fun? Come at night, grab a beer and wander with your friends through three floors of eccentric rooms and energetic bands to electrify your imagination.


Grickle Grass // The Bands

DoomSquad are legendary purveyors of eminently danceable beats for the dark recesses of your soul. Adept wielders of thumping, trance-inducing mystery and wonder. Connect with these Toronto via Londoner's.

Not your average family band. –The Fader

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Hooded Fang
Off-kilter tones weave melodies as quirky as they are punchy. Music to make lights flash wildly in your brain.

 Industrialized dissonance, sci-fi surf-punk, and tweaked-out guitar frequencies that ring out like a biohazard lab activating the meltdown siren. –Pitchfork

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 Chad VanGaalen

Un Blonde

Low-key smooth sounds to soothe your soul with a gentle voice and have you floating. High-flying hypnosis that glides effortlessly between grounded rhythms and meandering freedom.

A restless soul spiritual ... something like if D'Angelo holed up near a Montreal pier and demoed an acoustic spiritual about staying resolute in the face of overwhelming odds. –The Fader

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 James Kirkpatrick

Lonely Parade

Dirty garage art punk grooves that float with an angular twitch and land with a thud right in your gut. Fuzzy riffs with a pop hook sensibility that rummages through prog and sandy surf jams.

Pairing weighty, existential crises with intricate instrumentation, the tight-as-heck three-piece... balance their songs out with pop sensibilities, finding ample opportunity for noise and crafty complexity within a simple structure. –Exclaim

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Del Bel

A gentle slide into a dark and warm place with grooves for days. Trip hop vibes with an eerie edge and a sense of quiet adventurousness.

Delightfully doom-filled songs ... [Lisa Conway's] haunting voice is backed by ominous-sounding instrumentation that expertly toes the line between spooky and infectiously groovy. Exclaim

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Richard Laviolette

Country twang with a gently touch, like the comfort of dust and candles in a quiet attic. Music for ruminating and reminiscing.

Songs that are heart-warming and comforting ... accompanied by lyrics that are full of raw honesty and wisdom. CBC Music

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Wailing post-rock landscapes like rolling hills and crystal caves. Melodies that drive on winding roads through scenic developments, digging deep into your imagination and building something wild and wonderful there.

Influenced by contemporary soundscape, instrumental post-rock and '60s psychedelia, the project combines heavily effected bass guitar compositions with projected visuals created live... an immersive synthesthetic experience. KazooFest

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Secret Sign 

Bright retro synths and haunting clarion vocals bringing neon bright lights and the kind of heartache that can only be felt on a dance floor. Bring your friends. Bring your lover.

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Zachary Gray 

Bright and beautiful beats to light your way through quiet, dark nights. Music and visuals to quiet your mind and set your imagination aflame.

In an unassuming east end abode, Zachary Gray sits "cross-legged" on the floor, painting mental pictures of the pastoral beyond. High-flying frequencies carry into the vacant lot next door where the  legacy of the speed city went up in flames. Still, the warm glare of the horizon beckons us forward. Sepia-tinted scenes flicker in an out of consciousness while layers of modulated sound waves envelop the room. For a moment no one stirs and time collapses into the present.  Weird Canada

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Sweet and sensitive music to charm your soft heart. Quiet loops and a gentile voice show you that even the most ordinary everyday habits of lovers are worthy of the romance of song.

An exercise in minimalism. Sound child-like, Megan Arnold (AKA Shhh) sing-speaks about noisy neighbours, (not) returning texts and reading sad books. All there is to accompany her is the simplest of electronic keyboard passages. Somehow Arnold makes it all sound compelling, even when she goes and repeats the entire thing. Ride the Tempo

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These boys are here to drop-kick your earholes with their fast and fuzzed out sound. For when you want to have fun - but turn it up to 11. You don't hate fun, do you?

A boisterous three piece that emerged from an angry gaggle of notable punk bands from London, Ontario ... a violent encounter between your big toe and an otherwise non confrontational coffee table ... the sound track to a nosebleed you've woken up with after a fever dream. Weird Canada

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Yess Whoa
A voice like light streaming through the window - as open, as bright, reaching out to touch you. Lo-fi folk for your raw nerves and wistful curiosity.

Singer-songwriter Yess Woah brings all the spring-like feelings to naturally melt through to your soul ... raw and honest melodies. Indie Underground

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Afrobeat, dance hall, hip hop and good vibes all around, Empyrean energetically gives London's nightlife some much needed diversity. With vigorous, thumping rhythms and a tremendous collective energy that follows them wherever they go, dancing is all but irresistible. Give in to the positivity. Dance. Sweat. Love.  

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Purveyor of rare and hard to find vinyl at his newly founded Runout Records, with a speciality in hip-hop or just about whatever else you tell him you like. Especially encyclopedic and conversational, Roozbeh is that brilliant guy we all wish was our friend - luckily, he is.

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